Safety is everyone's business, and the risks inherent in manipulating the power of fire are well understood by the designers and operators of Incendia. We seek at all times to mitigate the risks of presenting fire in such a unique way to the fullest extent possible by utilizing today's most up-to-date technology and fire safety practices. Countless hours of planning, design, consultation, and research in conjunction with structural and mechanical engineers, fire safety professionals, and pyrotechnic experts has resulted in a deceptively robust and demonstrably infallible installation.

Structural Engineering

Our geodesic domes are fabricated from high-quality T6063-52 alloy aluminum and Grade 8 hardware. The inherent strength of a geodesic structure stems from the cumulative forces exerted by each strut on all others in the system; Incendia uses this characteristic to it's advantage in positioning of the five peripheral domes around it's central structure. By strategically placing the domes apart from one another and joining their arches via connecting struts, the larger structure is further reinforced while also providing compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the NFPA's Life Safety Code, which dictate width and number of exits from all structures, both permanent and temporary.

Fire Management

The bread-and-butter of Incendia is in it's proprietary fire-taming ceiling heaters. Designed with safety first, and form and function second, Incendia's ceiling heaters are safer than the traditional patio heaters found at many cafes, clubs, restaurants, and backyards, while also providing a mesmerizing visual effect at the same time.

Incendia's fire ceilings are constructed of sturdy 18 gauge steel sheet and suspended with Grade 80 chain and eye bolt assemblies designed and rated for overhead lifting at many times their working load. The gas distribution system that brings fuel to these ceilings is constructed of UL-listed, CSA-approved components and complies with NFPA 160, the National Fire Protection Association's Standard for Use of Flame Effects Before an Audience, as well as NFPA 54, the National Fuel Gas Code, and NFPA 58, Liquified Petroleum Gas Code.


Incendia carries a $6,000,000 general aggregate liability insurance policy for all events at which we operate. We can name property owners, event organizers, and other affiliated entities as additional insured on our policy, thus adding peace of mind to your sense of wonder.