Defining Incendia has always proven to be a difficult endeavor. Sometimes words don’t adequately justice, and when it comes to a purpose, a goal, sometimes it can be downright impossible to qualify what it is we do, and who we are through our actions.  What effect do we have upon the world? Are we solely a conduit for an incredible experience? Merely an avenueto release inhibitions as we collectively are enraptured by the fire and entranced by the beat? Are we more? Can we be more? 


Many times we’ve asked ourselves, ‘What is the end goal here?’ 


It may or may not come as a shock that Incendia consumes more than it’s fair share of natural resources during day-to-day operations. Fossil fuels are a driving force and essential facet of our modern era, and we are uniquely dependent on their continual harvest to continue operating and growing in grandeur and scope. The cornerstone of Incendia lies in combustion of hydrocarbons, and more specifically liquefied petroleum gas.  It is a direct product of the refinement of crude oil, tar sands, and natural gas into usable products and is a critical commodity in today’s globalized and fast-paced economy. It cooks our food, heats our homes, and generates electricity to light our cities and provide us with the luxuries of the 21st century. There is no synthetic or plant-based substitute, and when we have exhausted our supplies of oil and natural gas, this currently plentiful gas will be gone forever, leaving only in it’s wake a slew of obsolete technology and more hostile climate.


What are we to do? Many would argue it’s too late for us as a society to close the Pandora’s Box of hydrocarbon dependency, but should we, Incendia, curtail our contribution to this unsustainable path by closing up shop or limiting our operations? Will this assuage any guilt at the greater damage we collectively inflict upon this life-giving planet we call home?


These are questions we have faced, which we now seek to answer. 


Given Incendia’s unique position in the entertainment and production industry, and the high regard which many of you graciously regard us, we believe our most effective path toward environmental harmony is one of activism and philanthropy towards policy changes and green energy initiatives both here in the United States, and across the world.


While it may be impossible for us to reduce our carbon emissions to zero and continue to bring wonder and joy to those across America and beyond, we have begun to assess where and how we may do the most good. 


Moving Forward


We believe that our dependence on fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal is maintained at an artificial level that perpetuates those industries that specialize in their extraction, preparation for market, speculation, and consumer sale. Instead of actively pursuing technologies that would not only minimize harm to our planet, we believe there are nefarious forces at work within our society that seek to stifle this innovation and maintain the status quo which benefits the few to the detriment of us all.


We seek to counter these profit-driven forces and actively encourage the development of policies, technology, and influence cultural discourse by contributing financially to the tune of 10% of total net profits beginning in 2017 to policy initiatives, research institutes, NGOs, and carbon-offsetting programs on the cutting edge of sustainable energy for the 21st century.


In addition, we will begin hosting lectures and educational workshops at various events which are kind enough to host us about topics such as


  • reducing and offsetting individual greenhouse gas emissions and natural resource consumption
  • perspectives via the history of the hydrocarbon industry
  • the chemical and physical laws which govern our utilization of fossil fuels
  • clean energy policies and initiatives of the future


While we, Incendia, may never find an alternative solution to the use of fossil fuels in creating our trademark fire inversion effects, we believe that civilization as a whole should be a little more careful about just how we spend these most precious of natural resources and save them for those pursuits for which there truly is no substitute.


We invite any and all interested in these pursuits to lend their efforts, expertise, and resources as we begin this exciting and liberating new step in our path of wowing the masses!


Et Flamma Amoris,