Incendia is a concept borne of the love, appreciation for, and possibilities that lay within the nature of a simple flame. Marrying the worlds of design, art, and science, a breathtaking environment has been created, thanks to the mathematical grace and precision of the geodesic concept coupled with the application of a proprietary fire-capturing technique. 

Inverted flames create an undulating effect not soon to be forgotten

The essence of Incendia lies in a unique manipulation of flame near it's zenith. Combusting gas is trapped beneath a fire-proof ceiling to cast a warm, illuminating glow downwards, captivating the fascination of all those below.  This effect provides an unparalleled ambience for gatherings large and small, while maintaining a level of safety greater than that offered by the typical palm-tree style heaters ubiquitous at many restaurants and nightclubs. 

The video above captures the enthralling first lighting of Incendia's mammoth, 25-ft diameter fire ceiling in the main dome. Flames lick, chase, and flare together in a wave-like action as pockets of propane are captured against the ceiling and then ignited when conditions are right, casting radiant warmth onto those gazing upwards from below. 

Crossing Incendia's threshold propels one into a decadent realm of sensory indulgence

Stepping into Incendia transports one to an exotic world accentuated with subtle geometric consistency and clever attention to detail. The senses are at once bombarded and embraced by the flames overhead, complemented by sophisticated lighting and a crisp sound system. Incendia's full setup features a stately 50' diameter geodesic dome, framed by five smaller domes connected via graceful archways. Our central structure provides space for up to 300 and can function as a raucous dance floor, an airy lounge space, or as a stately dining area.

A packed house within Incendia's 50' dome.

A packed house within Incendia's 50' dome.

Incendia is available for customized events, including those in need of professional-quality sound. Our veteran technicians have crafted an auditory experience to rival the greatest concert hall. Hovering overhead opposite the main entrance, a suspended platform facilitates sound manipulation for both headlining musical acts and subtle background ambience, depending on the preferences of our client. Turn the dial up to eleven and the space can quickly fill to become a boisterous dance party, while a more careful and conservative approach can preserve a decadent, inviting lounge atmosphere. All the while, flames dance and lick overhead. 

A DJ keeps the crowd moving from above


Incendia also comes equipped with a stately pentagonal bar, featuring a mirror-top finish which serves to reflect the dancing flames overhead. Our expert bartenders can accommodate a wide range of tastes, pouring from both our fire-centric menu or the specific preferences of a client. 

One of Incendia's bartenders pours a flaming shot as onlookers marvel.

One of Incendia's bartenders pours a flaming shot as onlookers marvel.


Surrounding the central arena of Incendia's 50' dome are positioned five additional smaller domes, each featuring their own majestic fire ceiling. These peripheral areas provide a fantastic atmosphere for closer connection and intimate conversation. Each of these five domes feature a unique theme or artwork, thereby creating a sense of newness and novelty to those wandering the installation; in each area, a different mood abides, yet remains only a few steps away from the central dome's jubilant atmosphere. 

One of Incendia's five peripheral domes filled with revelers

Equilibris, a delicate balancing act within one of Incendia's peripheral domes

All facets of Incendia tie together to create an experience that is simply unmatched in the world of event production. From dusk til dawn, Incendia has the unrivaled ability to catch and hold one's attention, whether it be that of a passing festival-goer, or the entirety of a crowd at a dedicated function.

Standing room only at Incendia's christening, October 2014

Incendia is available for booking as a musical venue and/or lounge space at festivals, for wedding receptions, private parties, corporate events, or for dedicated photo shoots. Incendia works in partnership with various established audio and lighting companies, as well as world-class caterers, to provide turnkey solutions to any event's requirements. Incendia is fully modular; it's domes are available individually, or spaced strategically throughout a property during a larger event. Configurations and possibilities are bounded only by the imaginations of our clients.

Incendia is far from a one-trick pony. Thanks to the technology of Koolfog, Inc., we are pleased to offer a state-of-the-art misting system for daytime use, which serves to drop ambient air temperature by up to 20 degrees. Coupled with reflective shade panels and high-velocity fans, summertime heat is no match for the oasis that we can create. 

Under the right conditions, our misting system creates an enveloping fog that both cools the body and enraptures the mind

Beating the heat at a daytime music festival

This high-pressure system is composed of sleek, stainless steel water lines suspended overhead and fitted with micronozzles that disperse atomized water to cool anyone below. These same systems are utilized in theme parks, stadiums, and high-end resorts worldwide to provide outdoor comfort no matter the temperature, and this system can be used concurrently with the flame ceilings to provide a space that is comfortable and inviting no matter the time of day.

Incendia at Imagine Music Festival in downtown Atlanta, Labor Day Weekend 2014